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Zombie Survival: 10 Best Zombie Games For Android And iOS In 2022

You also get over 100 missions, plenty of gear to collect, and more. It’s a freemium game and has a lot of the same problems as other freemium games. However, it’s a good alternative to long-time favorites and older zombie shooters like Unkilled and Dead Trigger 2. State of Survival is a shooting survival multiplayer zombie game for Android and iOS. In the game, you have to build a strategy and create your own story.

Even though Zombie Killer is a mobile title, it has visually stunning graphics. Along with that, it also gives you an immersive audio experience. In the world of the Walking Dead, zombies are the least of your concerns.

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Use grenades, buck and laser shots, split, and more to defeat these zombies and progress through levels. The top zombie mobile games we are discussing further will have separate specification support. In other words, a few of the games will be available for Android and iOS both, but some can be exclusively for either iOS or Android devices.

It’s an addicting game that you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Another survival game, this time with a grimmer outlook and art style. Most people are dead and you’re going to join them soon if you don’t start building somewhere to live, finding food to eat and weapons to protect yourself with.

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The visuals are stunning in this 2019 remake, with dynamic lighting and particle effects that really set the mood and make the campaign all the scarier. This is really Resident Evil at its cinematic best, and, the twisted RE7 notwithstanding, it’s also the spookiest. We may earn commissions on purchases made using our links. However, this doesn’t affect the recommendations our writers make. You can read more about our review and editorial process here.

How many zombies spawn every round?

Spawn Round Rate The more players there are in a server, the more zombies spawn per round. To prevent lag, there is a maximum of 24 zombies (solo mode) that can be spawned in the map at a time. When the server reaches this maximum, new zombies do not spawn until currently spawned-in zombies are killed.

Furthermore, you’ll need to sow plants in your garden or backyard to keep the zombies out of your home. These plants can spit fireballs, eat undead alive, and so on. Last Day on Earthis a post-apocalyptic zombie survival MMO whose only goal is to stay alive as long as possible. So picture this, the world is infested with zombies and all you need to do is escape using your car on a highway with the help of a trusty passenger equipped with a gun. This game is utterly simple and all you have to do is make use of the accelerometer on your phone to steer.

The game offers many weapons that can be upgraded to make them more powerful. As you go deeper into the game, you will encounter zombies with many terrifying abilities that will threaten your squad’s safety. In a world where most of the population is turned into zombies, it’s difficult to survive.

The game presents a steep learning curve and gets discouraging at times due to the high likelihood of being killed by another player, but it’s still a phenomenal zombie survival game. One of the lesser zombie mobile game games on our list, it’s nevertheless a lot of fun to play with your buddies. What makes Plants vs. Zombies such a great title is that it’s really a game for everyone. When you think of a zombie game, often you’ll think of gore and disturbing imagery, but Plants vs. Zombies is excellent in that it allows for everyone to get involved. It’s not a violent game, but there’s still a whole lot of satisfaction that you can get from watching your plants take out the undead. The Stupid Zombies franchise has been a smash hit on mobile.


For years now, Call of Duty games have packed in a “Zombies” mode, and that mode and its various iterations have turned out to be fun, fascinating additions to the Call of Duty repertoire. While the Zombies mode of Black Ops – Cold War is the latest, each has offered its own unique spin on the inventive mode. It requires players to fend off waves of increasingly tough zombies, earning money from their kills to buy better weapons.

Create the ideal zombie-killing hero by selecting three different character classes and hundreds of weapons and armor items. It’s enough to state that everything works in unusual and unique ways, expanding the appeal of both series in new and exciting ways. Additionally, construct bridgesto fend off zombies, interact with characters from the TV show, and have a great time while doing so. Everything in the game, from the troops to the terrain to the heroes, appears to be quite realistic, and it has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. You take control of a bit of settlement on a planet that the zombie apocalypse has decimated. Zombies have overrun the world, and there are only a few survivors.

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